Sunday, 31 July 2011

"Red-Black - Pulsations in Space" - Mariana Cinteanu


“Pulsations” as visualisation of movements are paintings by Mariana Cinteanu which were created in an intense creating period lasting since 2006.

Without doubt due to their suggestive expression Pulsations represent a highlight of her oeuvre so far. The usage of the expression Pulsation is an attempt to describe the virtual visualisation of movements in the painting of Mariana Cinteanu.

Cinteanu owes her virtuoso application of graphical and pictorial means to her ego whereas her expressiveness is solely based on the impulsiveness of the alter ego. The painting first takes shape, if the alter ego as a powerful pulsating concordance completely pervades the artist and then emanates to the outside.

Using only two colours - Red and Black - completed by the white undercoat Mariana Cinteanu constantly creates new astonishing and stirring manifestations of movement.
In the pulsation of Red-Black Cinteanu successfully visualises the interaction of both fundamental movement patterns: the opening up expansion and the concentrating delimitation.

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