Saturday, 12 May 2012

Are you ready for Platform?

Plateau by Laura Moriarty 2011
                 Featuring different artists from around the world, Platform gives the opportunity to discuss,engage and provide contextual information about your work. There are no restrictions for submissions in terms of media, genre or status. Previous contributions have featured artists Eamon Reilly, Laura Moriarty and Marian Cineau.
                  Platform aspires to use the universal language of art to  bring  different  artists  from around the world together and share not only art, but also their values and experience. It is communicated through social network sites.
                                 If you are interested in submitting material for Platform please email the following:                                                   
1. A photograph in J.Peg format of your artwork. Include title, media, dimensions and date.
2. A short biography 40-50 words max.Your base location - city,country.Portrait photo of artist (Optional)
3. A narrative around the subject, discussing effects,techniques and any relevant contextual information about yourself and the work. 250-400 words.
4.Any other links such as a YouTube Video or photographic reference which compliment the artwork. (Optional)


                    The above are guidelines only and all submissions will be treated as flexible. However, it is worth noting, this is not simply a showcase blog and providing interesting dialogue may influence selection. All images should be the artists own work and hold copyright. Work is not for sale on this site but artists should specify if they wish to publish email address.
                      If you have any further queries, please contact  me at the above email address. Looking forward to your submissions and sharing more of your "universal language".

                         Tom Cullen

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